Football as a Sanctuary: Lanz Adrian E. De Jesus’s Experience

What was your childhood like?

My parents got separated when I was young, it was very hard to cope up with the situation, more so it was my home. From there, I found solace in Football, whenever I stepped in to the pitch, it was as if I was going through a portal and leaving everything behind. I continued to play from grade school to my high school years, until I had to study in the province where football isn’t known. From then, I haven’t even thought of being able to play football again, until I got to come back to manila for college, got in contact with my old club and had the ball rolling again which made me so happy.

Who were your heroes growing up?

My mom is my superhero, she’d make the best food, come to my games, and always be there when you need her. She’d always worry whenever I play but deep down, I know she’s cheering me on to win!

What was the best advice you ever received from a family member or teacher?

“Madaliin mo at lalong mag-tatagal”. The more you rush things, the longer it takes for you to get them. I never understood this at first, but as I grow older, I grow my patience when it comes to things in life. The things I want to achieve will come as they say, “In God’s perfect time”.

Who is the funniest player of Manila Montet? And why?

No one, in training, we’re all stiff like soldiers that don’t laugh. Kidding aside, everyone is funny and always on the same wavelength in the club.

How has your style of play developed since you joined Manila Montet?

Training is really exceptional at Manila Montet, before coming in, I thought I was fit already, playing more or less 10 hours a week. Training made me gasp for air most of the time, have these cramps in areas I don’t normally get them, and have me dead most of the time after training. But with all of that being said, just means that is different and it has given me more confidence and knowledge with how to approach the game.

What team do you fear the most this season?

Every team actually. Not fear but respect, I feel like this season, teams are working much harder as there are more competition in the league. Which is why I respect the dedication and hard work the players put in to preparing for the league. Everyone has to stay hungry after all.

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