Thomas Vivian Montet Discusses Staff and Player Dynamics

Interviewer: Thomas Vivian Montet, can you provide an update on the current state of the club’s staff?

Thomas Vivian Montet: We have a dedicated and competent staff working hard, especially considering the limited time we’ve had to build the club. Our head coach is extremely professional and effective, he is asking a lot from the players but he is right. Our only weakness is still the goalkeepers coach position but we’re in discussions to find a solution shortly.

Interviewer: Moving on to the players no let s start by the goalkeepers?

Thomas Vivian Montet: As per PFL rules, we need a minimum of three goalkeepers. Currently, we have two, but we’ll be testing additional goalkeepers shortly to meet the requirements.

Interviewer: How about the defense?

Thomas Vivian Montet: Our defense is solid, but we’re still on the lookout for tall center defenders to strengthen our team.

Interviewer: And the midfield?

Thomas Vivian Montet: We’re satisfied with our midfielders; they exhibit a good level of play. It’s not a current area of concern for us.

Interviewer: What about the forward position?

Thomas Vivian Montet: Finding Filipino players who can score, are fast, and shoot hard seems to be challenging. Most Filipinos do not play forwards for some reason. It’s currently our biggest concern, and we’re working to address this promptly.

Interviewer: Overall thoughts on the players?

Thomas Vivian Montet: I’m extremely happy with our players. They display determination, hard work, and commitment. We may well have the highest IQ team in the league, and they are bonding together effectively.

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  1. Hello my name is Samson I love to come for trial with your club I’m a striker who can score from angle please give me a chance

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