Meet Manila Montet FC’s First Signings

Following our announcement of our first 10 signings, we are pleased to introduce, in no particular order since each player is equally important and valued within our club, the first two players who have joined us – Rafael Alfonso Mamonong, goalkeeper born in 2002, and Jasper Martinez, midfielder also born in the same year. They are seen here signing their contracts with the club owner, Thomas Vivian Montet. More details about them will be revealed in the future. Joining Manila Montet FC means giving your best, embracing excellence, and bringing a fighting spirit to every game. We’re more than a team; we’re a club with strong values and a shared vision, embarking on a journey to create something extraordinary within the Filipino community. As a new club, we understand that we will face numerous challenges, but we are determined not to give up. We strongly believe that learning from our mistakes, paying attention to details, and consistently striving for incremental improvements can lead us to excellence over time. That’s our commitment until we achieve our dream.

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