Beyond Football: Manila Montet FC’s Heartfelt Initiatives in Antique and Manila

Manila Montet FC stands as a proud member of the Montet Group, an organization committed to aiding hardworking and deserving Filipinos. Our dedicated initiative extends beyond the football field, with a separate organization geared towards making a positive impact on communities in need.

To discover more about the impactful actions of our society, we invite you to explore our vibrant and engaging Facebook page. Currently, all donations that fuels our initiatives are provided by the Montet family, exemplifying our commitment to the cause with 100% self-sufficiency and no external assistance.

Our reach extends across geographical boundaries, spanning from the bustling streets of Manila to the great province of Antique. In both places, we actively engage in initiatives aimed at uplifting individuals and communities facing various challenges.

Today marks an exciting moment as we eagerly unveil the creative expressions of gratitude from the young people of Antique whom we proudly support. Their incredible songs not only showcase artistic talent but also embody the unwavering spirit of our dedicated fans. It’s moments like these that highlight the positive impact our collective efforts can have on fostering talent and building a strong sense of community.

As we revel in the enthusiasm of the young contributors, we are reminded of the collective strength and unity that defines our mission. Join us on this empowering journey by supporting Manila Montet FC! Together, let’s continue making a difference, one positive initiative at a time. Let’s go Montet!

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