At Manila Montet Youth FC, we believe that learning goes beyond the football field. That’s why we’ve incorporated a 10-minute class break into each of our sessions. This break isn’t just a time to catch your breath; it’s a valuable opportunity to delve into exciting and educational topics.
During these brief interludes, we take a journey beyond the game. For instance, one day, we explore different football leagues worldwide, learning about flags and placing clubs on a world map. In another session, we unravel the financial workings of major football clubs and how they generate revenue. Additionally, children are introduced to the captivating stories of football coaches and players who transcend ordinary excellence.
It’s not just about their football skills but also what makes them extraordinary: their unwavering resilience, unbreakable discipline, and unique approach to life. These short but engaging lessons aim to inspire and motivate our young players, showing them that true winners learn from those who have achieved greatness, both on and off the field.
By using these 10-minute class breaks for such engaging and informative activities, we aim to enrich the overall experience for our students, helping them grow not just in football but in life.